Monday, 20 August 2012

Entries for Sweet Hope Cover Design Contest!

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Rules & Guidelines
  • Design a cover for Sweet Hope
  • The contest will run two rounds of voting and you can enter 3 different covers!
  • Blog about the contest and YOUR entries, and let us know your vision of the cover!
  • If you do not have a blog, then post on pinteretst,  facebook, twitter or tumblr with the tags #SweetEvil #SweetHope #CoverDesignContest
  • send your cover entry to me : and leave a comment with the link!
  • all entries must be submitted until August 22nd (Wednesday)
  • Contest is open International! 
All cover design entries will be uploaded and organized on a pinterest board and on facebook so that everyone can see them for the voting process! 

Note: Paint and Gimp are free photo editing programs you can use to design a cover. Of course, there’s Photoshop, the queen of programs. You can also just choose an image you think is perfect for the Sweet Hope cover, if you truly cannot use any of those programs. You do NOT need to to use Stock Images, own artwork is very welcome! But, you must own the rights  to use any of the images you use to design the cover!

Here are my entries! :)
Version 1

Version 2

Stock photo of the girl: Perfume7 by faestock
Photo of guy: I no longer have the link but I found it  from an old folder of images I saved. I think it was from MorgueFiles.

*The covers were just created for a fan contest and not for commercial use. No copyright infringement intended!


I've been waiting for the opportunity to use the gorgeous photo by faestock since I first saw it ages ago! So when the contest popped up I immediately choose that! Due to my lack of skills I wasn't able to edit her hair to the really light blonde like the girl on the cover of Sweet Evil had from the original red of the model's hair. (See here and here

I tried my best to match the original cover of Sweet Evil  because I'm OCD about having matching book covers and the first cover sort of reflects the events at the end of the book one. If you've read it you know what happens. >.<  For the 'hope' in the title I emphasized the rose the girl (Anna) holds in her hands near her heart to give her sort of a hopeful/wishful feel. It won't be such 'sweet hope' with the guy leaving huh? o.o I know the cover doesn't really have to match the title at all but I like the little bits of symbolism. 

Initially I only planned to submit the first design but after playing around with it more I made the solo girl version! Because there's a lot more space of the second cover I decided to touch up on the play of darkness and light to make it look more dramatic. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :)


  1. OH. MY. GOD. O_O WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW?! O_O YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BUTT TO A COVER DESIGN AGENCY OR SOMETHING ASAP! That cover is gorgeous! Hun, I'm super serious O_O....I so want you to win just so I can hold that baby in my hands! The rose, and color contrasts and everything! Simply superb :D

    Chocolate Coated Reviews

    P.S- I can stare at the guys backside alllll day....

    1. I am procrastinating, a lot :P
      Thanks for the lovely comment! It means a lot to me <333

  2. I love the forest, so eerie. My favorite is definitely #1 with the guy walking away.

    1. Thank you! Most people seem to prefer #1 haha.
      Do check out the photographer for the forest (it's linked above), her works are gorgeous! :)

  3. This is amazing! WOW! So you should do blog designs! Omg you have such a talent. This is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! Unfortunately I'm terrible at html and coding. xD

      P.S. Voting is up! :)